Gastrointestinal Services

Gastrointestinal Services Offered in Merced, CA

A study conducted in 2018 on gastrointestinal diseases and their prevalence stated that 61% of people who participated in the research had one GI symptom in a week. The symptoms people reported the most were heartburn (30.9%), abdominal pain (24.8%), bloating (20.6%), diarrhea (20.2%), and constipation (19.7%). Dr. Alfred B Johnson, MD, is a gastro surgeon with 32 years of experience in his respective field. He has specialized in effective digestive health and acid reflux/GERD treatments, including minimally invasive TIF procedures, advanced laparoscopic surgery, hiatal hernia repair, and more. For more information about our Gastrointestinal Services, contact us or schedule an appointment. We are conveniently located at 240 East 13th Street Merced, CA 95341. We serve patients from Merced CA, Atwater CA, Winton CA, Bear Creek CA, Planada CA, Le Grand CA, and Athlone CA.